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Mixed consignment (LCL) shipments

Mixed consignment (LCL) shipments

We are sure that it is possible to transport goods profitably in small batches. You just need to find a mixed consignment (LCL) carrier with a good price offer in order to save money on each delivery later. In order to find out how profitable our offer is you can order right now the calculation of delivery in the direction you are interested in.

Mixed consignments (LCLs) in the Russian Federation is a special service for the delivery of a consignment of goods with the same route but for different recipients. For example, several companies plan to place an order for goods from China or from Europe at the same time period. But the volumes of shipment are small and it is hardly possible to freight a container. In this case the service "Mixed consignments (LCLs) from China" or  " Mixed consignments (LCLs) from Europe" helps. All groups of goods are delivered to the warehouse of  “TRINITY SHIPPING” LLC, packed, correctly labeled, supplied with appropriate documents.

Then a general batch is formed from such goods for prompt delivery to customers. Further, the cargo is transported by the optimal route and type of transport (multimodal transportation is used for certain directions). After the goods arrival, the goods are cleared through customs and further delivered to the warehouse or to the buyer. As a result everyone receives their goods on time and at minimal costs. Such opportunities have made the delivery of mixed consignments (LCLs) very popular for both small companies and individuals. Since with its help you can start or expand a business without having global working capital

Mixed consignments (LCLs) transportation is carried out by various types of transport depending on the customer's requirements. And we always offer the option that is perfectly suited in each specific case. For example, delivery of mixed consignments (LCLs) from Europe is cheaper to carry out by road. And the delivery of mixed consignments (LCLs) from China is cheaper to carry out by sea container but faster, of course, by plane. The speed of turnover, you do not need to expect the receipt of  large funds to order container transportation. The order can be made in accordance with the requirements of the situation without paying attention to difficult conditions of cargo transportation.

Expansion of the range, any enterprise at any time can discover new directions of trade. At the same time in a frame of one delivery you can order a wide variety of goods. Ordering of a trial batch, you can quickly get samples for the implementation of your promising business plan simply by placing an order for the transportation of any minimum batch of goods that the supplier is ready to send. Herewith our company in fact does not impose any restrictions on the volume of delivery.

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