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Are you planning to engage in, or have you already engaged in foreign trade and international transactions? Think and weigh all the costs, calculate all the risks and time that you have spent or will spend on servicing foreign trade operations and transactions. You can contact the company "TRINITY SHIPPING" LLC. You will fully carry out foreign economic and foreign trade activities without registering as a participant in foreign economic activity and without keeping records of the participant in foreign economic activity.

We will undertake the implementation of the transaction; help navigate the constantly changing world of foreign trade and customs legislation because we have accurate information and timely intelligence about changes in the customs sphere and the field of international transport.

We will completely protect you from the problems and risks associated with transportation, customs, currency, reporting and taxes, from inspections by customs and other authorities. You transfer to our company the execution of a foreign trade contract and we become a formal holder and executor of a foreign trade transaction. We implement it on our own behalf and we bear all the risks associated with foreign economic activity, procurement, delivery, logistics, customs, foreign exchange transactions, audits and taxes. Have secured our relationship with an agreement you act through us and you are in your foreign trade transaction, therefore you always remain in the ruble zone and the domestic legal field.

We undertake all the work related to: the conclusion of a foreign trade contract, the organization of transportation, calculations, coordination of the goods cost at customs, preparation and verification of documents, filing and posting a customs declaration. Using our company as an importer, you get the opportunity to free your time from time-consuming work with documents, tiresome telephone conversations and trips to customs terminals.

According to a supply agreement with our company you purchase already "cleaned" goods.

Thus, we act as an international trade agent ensuring the implementation of your foreign trade transactions.

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