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Customs clearance

Customs clearance

The customs clearance procedure is obligatory for all goods crossing the customs border of the Russian Federation and the Customs Union. Impeccable execution and thorough verification of the set of documents is the main task in the execution of import-export operations. The slightest mistake in the documentation can lead to a delay in the delivery of the goods and it reflects not only on the budget of the transaction.

The company “TRINITY SHIPPING” LLC offers a full range of services for the organization of customs clearance of goods. We are represented at the following customs: Baltic, St. Petersburg, Pulkovo, Moscow, Domodedovo, Novorossiysk, Vladivostok. We specialize in the field of low contract value of goods and registration of goods below " customs risk".

What does the customs clearance process consist of?

Firstly: Preparation and approval of documents for customs clearance: Foreign trade agreement (contract with supplier), VAT invoice, invoice, specification, packing (packing list), international road waybill (CMR), bill of lading (BL), air waybill (AWB), railway invoice, payment orders (currency), transaction passport.

Secondary: Classification of goods in accordance with the Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System. Determination of the goods code, percent of customs duties, percent of customs VAT as well as measures of non-tariff regulation during customs clearance of this product. Preparation of documents for customs clearance, declaration for customs transit, declaration of customs value.  Preliminary calculation of customs payments and fees. Payment of applicable fees.

Thirdly: Submission of declaration for customs transit to the customs terminal, posting and issuing the declaration. During the process of customs clearance it is often necessary to deal with measures for risks reduction, i.e. customs examination of goods, customs supervision / inspection, phytosanitary control and veterinary supervision. Presentation of additional documents and information.

We work in the most convenient working arrangements for you. Our work schedule coincides with the work schedule of customs terminals. The Baltic Customs works from 10 am to 10 pm without holidays and weekends, the Moscow Regional Customs works from 8 am to 8 pm without holidays and weekends.


Customs clearance in the Russian Federation is regulated not only by laws and regulations of the Government of the Russian Federation but also by numerous letters and orders of the Federal Customs Service of Russia. This practice creates unforeseen difficulties for participants in foreign economic activity, who cannot always quickly navigate a large volume of regulations and foresee situations that may arise during customs clearance, and ultimately suffer from tangible losses instead of making a profit

We are always open to mutually beneficial cooperation with reliable business partners, cargo owners and forwarding organizations. If you work with us you will keep abreast of the latest changes in the current legislation and significantly reduce the risks in the implementation of a foreign economic transaction.

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